Was Intel right about the MID?

A few weeks back I read the post on the HTC J Butterfly and it got me thinking. Any remember several years back when Intel was convince that people wanted to buy Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs). They had envisioned a 4.5 to 6 inch screen that was capable of surfing the internet and helping people be more productive. I believe they even introduced their own 5inch product but I cannot remember for sure. Instead larger tablets and smaller smart phones took over but as the years progressed it seems like this prophecy is coming to fruition.

Granted the products of today have many more features like cameras and cellular capabilities but I feel as the base assumption was correct. Successful tablets appear to be getting smaller (Nexus 7 and iPad mini) and smart phones are getting much larger (HTC J Butterfly and Lumia 920). Now these products are edging in on the middle ground where table and smart phone would start to cross over

Back then it seemed the consensus was a device of that size was to niche and would never be adopted by consumers. Maybe it was due to the lack of functionality at the time but its kinda blowing my mind that Intel appeared to have it right, just at the wrong time.

Anyone else getting this vibe?

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