The Nexus 4 is showing you what is wrong with your Market

Yes this is 200th "LTE" Nexus 4 thread, that in itself is reason for this one.

Why is everyone hating the fact that a 299 dollar, 4.7 inch IPS Real HD, Quad Core S4 Pro, Decent looking, Pure Android, will be a dream for modders... So unset over LTE?

Hasn't the holy Apple (wow actualing like a famboi was used for good LOL) not had LTE for years while the Droids did, but thats right Apple is above even the law of US carriers?

Why do you US people act like Oxygen is supplied from Carriers? Can you sit down and do the math of what you will spend over 2 years as opposed other downfalls like being forced to use out dated hardware, exit fees etc...?

Latest reason appears to be LTE, IE insane speeds on your phone, not just good enough but insane, hey im all for the better of innovation an all but when it starts to act against innovation than we have a problem. But why do you die for 42 on the go? what are you doing torrents on the train? Only reason possible reason could be not wanting to carry a wifi hotspot for laptop but is that everyone's excuse?

So a 299 dollar phones thats got better specs bar LTE than iPhone 5 is being bashed so bad because its 299 and you don't get stuck in a 2 year contract where 2000 is extracted from you?

Oh wait that right, But people can't afford to pay 299 upfront... BUT THEY CAN SPEND 2000 INDEFINITE?

I honestly cannot understand how you can be tech illiterate and not understand how contracts are ripping you people, heres my story

I'm a Uni student born and raised in the middle east now 8000 miles away from home in Sydney, Australia. I bought a iPhone 4 for 550 dollars. I pay 15 dollar a month for a carrier called TPG that uses networks of Optus. I get 2GB of Data and 550 dollars worth of calling.

I have Wifi at home and Wifi at Uni. I bought my parents a Skype phone that stays connected to the home network 24 and acts as a regular wireless home phone, as well as installing Skype on my Mum, Dad and Sisters smart devices. I can call my Parents form anyway, at home (wifi), at uni (wifi), on the train (data) and the voice is perfect, better than cellular actually.

I iMessage and facetime all my iOS friends, this is acutally 99 of 100 people you met have a iPhone, i also facetime almost everyone even on iPhone 4 as there is wifi at home and at uni, i just can't video call on train ( i can with skype).

I whatsapp all my other platfrom friends and this is the new age, everyone's toaster can whatsapp and skype and everyone has a smartphone (toaster)

so lets recap, i can call my parents overseas for free, i can call all my local friends for free, i can message everyone for free.

SO WHAT IS IT THAT IM MISSING WITH LTE??????????? what i can't download a torrent on the train?

I assume most people living in western counties have a similar life, Live at Home with Wifi, Train to work where there is Wifi, we are surrounded by Wifi everyone

than why does everyone insist on cellular? Yea its fast but so is a Ferrari why you driving a Toyota?

You can use a smartphone to call anyone for free now, and its not hard to install skype and whatsapp, my mum hardly knows about tech, i gave her a 4S and she's doing fine.

So if i bought a 349 dollar Nexus 4 and upgraded, my life would be over? because i just got a highend for less than half, i can just swap my sim card and continue except now whatsapping and skyping in place of facetime and imessage. There is no reason not to leave carriers in the dust. Google is the only one constantly taking bullets to the foot for trying to prove this point.

Thanks, i look forward to the life changing LTE reasons

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