Nexus 4 seems to be a design hit

After reading some first impressions of the Nexus 4, the generell opinion seems to be that the Nexus 4 really delivers on design:

Android Police


Hmm, had a couple more I think, but can't find them right now. Anyway, you should get an idea.


I’ve found the hands-on claiming that the Nexus 4 rivals iPhone 5 on design:

Also from the same site, but another author:

Note that both authors are iPhone 4S users (as can be seen on the right of the articles)

And then two other hands-ons, which praise the build quality, though don’t refer to the optics that much:

I think after seeing a hand full of different sources being impressed by the design and build of the Nexus 4 one can definitely say that Google did a great job on this aspect. Consider that such hugely positive reactions are very rare with Android phones, most just get a “doesn’t feel cheap, but….”