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Reviewed by jmhalder (Currently owns)

I picked up the Boxee TV on launch day at Wal-mart, I had recently moved out, and am now a "cable cutter", I purchased a Roku 2 XD, and was always kind of disappointed with the Netflix interface, and the interface in general, also it was somewhat underpowered. The Boxee TV seemed like the perfect device for me, TV + DVR + Netflix? Perfect! unfortunately that is not the case.

The device shows noise on the TV when the screen is black, it's running in 720p over HDMI. You CANNOT schedule a recording for any show, either currently playing, or in the future, from the box. To record a show, you HAVE to go on the website. What other DVR makes you go into a web browser to record a show? You can't pause live TV. Shows that are recorded for me stutter and drop audio every few minutes, even though that same channel doesn't do that live. (speed shouldn't be a problem, I just did 25mbps down, 3.5mbps up). Also worth mentioning is that I get 20 of the 28 ATSC channels that are tuneable, the website only lets me schedule recordings for 3 of these channels (ABC, NBC, and Fox). The youtube app has a terribly laggy interface, and wouldn't play audio on a few videos from theverge's channel. The Netflix app is actually pretty good, nothing to complain about there.

So basically I have a buggy box that I have to use a laptop to record a show from 1 of 3 available channels for DVR'ing. Not worth $99. They need a SERIOUS update, and quick.

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  • Accessories, remote 6
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