Nokia should have made a real Lumia 800 successor

I can't be the only one thinking that the Lumia 800 deserved a great update. Little bigger, new internals, better camera. Same great design and build quality.

The new 820 just isn't that. The 820 should have been called the 720. I think Nokia dropped the ball by not making an attractive 4 to 4.3 inch phone. Now HTC has claimed that spot and rightly so.

Now Nokia has a very big, bulky, expensive heavy weight in the 920. And then a cheap feeling plasticy 820. What were they thinking? Did they try to avoid to go toe to toe with the iPhone 5?

I like the 920, but it's too big and heavy for me. And the photo comparison of CNET, didn't win me over. It seems to have the same problems in white balance as my 800. Gone are the hopes of replacing an SLR with a phone. (We can all dream, hey?)

I think it's sad that my trusty Lumia 800 won't get a true replacement. It deserves better than that.