Why I am VERY excited for the Nexus 4

The Nexus 4 couldn't have turned out better for me. It looks like an all around awesome phone... Super fast, super interesting and innovative changes for 4.2, good camera, cheap price, good design. Everything looks ridiculously awesome. Except for one thing... the LTE situation.

But this turns out to be perfect for me as well. I'm on Wind in Canada (pretty much the T-Mobile of the Great White North), so we don't have LTE anyways. So it turns out that LTE as a feature is actually a negative for me (as it would increase the price for no benefit for me). So the Nexus 4 seems like the perfect phone.

I wonder how many people will be enticed by the price though. This is very much a high end phone for a low end price. I don't think the Nexus brand is pervasive enough yet, but I feel like if it does Google's very aggressive price points will pay off in the end.