Viability of Google Now for non-US users

Currently I'm using a Samsung Galaxy S2 with Cyanogenmod 9, which is ICS based. I'm getting a Nexus 4 shipped over from UK to Poland. I've never used JB and Google Now on any device and I am wondering how useful it is for non-US users considering the generally poor track record for Google when it comes to everything except maps. Google's ecosystem seems to be improving slowly, but the improvements are focused on UK, Germany and France. Although I'll never buy an Apple product, one thing you can not dispute is how much better their support is for overseas users.

Back to Google now though. I've seen posts which state you are required to switch your phone to US English, which I'd like to avoid, as much as I love you guys UK English is the proper language, cheers. But even if I do that, will Google Now work well? I've seen some pretty amazing demos of what it can do, but all of them were done in US. If you live in Europe and had the opportunity to use Google Now, can you share your experience? How does it work with a non-US accent? How would you assess the quality of provided replies? Does it feed into data from you country properly?

I'm going to try and update this post later once I spend some time with the Nexus 4. At the end of the day, even if this feature is broken, I'm still getting the phone regardless. But it would have been nice to have a properly working version of a pretty central idea to the future of Android.