Nexus 7 or 10??

I had an hp touchpad that broke down this month. I barely used it because it was so heavy and clunky. I installed Android on it, but there were so many bugs and issues that it didn't feel usable ( i got about 3 hours of battery).

So I'm looking for a light, thin tablet for reading, browsing and gaming. I want to bring it with me on the bus and to other places. Wieght is an important issue, but I can't really tell from the specs, how heavy it will seem. If anyone can give hand-on experience, it would be great. (Ipad experience would work for the nexus 10)

Nexus 7

The form factor seems more portable, but I never had a seven-inch tablet before and I don't know if the screen will be big enough. The tablet seems more polished than the 10 and I think it looks better. I also won't worry about apps as much.

Nexus 10

The specs win without doubt. The screen is amazing. I'm not too worried about the apps because I made do with the hp touchpad, but it is still a bit lacking. It is less portable and heavier. I think the screen space might be better. It's also a lot more expensive.

The Competition

I like the Transformer series as well as a number of different Android tablets, but I'm afraid they'll lose support and go in the way of the HP touchpad. I also really want the latest OS.

The ipad series are really nice. I like their hardward design the best, but it doesn't seem confortable to hold. The mini is just a bit too big if I was considering a seven-inch. The deal-breaker is the UI. I can't stand how glossy it looks.