Tablets- 4:3 vs 16:9

Which ratio do you like more?

i currently use an iPad for numerous reasons, the biggest being the superior app selection. The thing is, as Android continues to grow, the app selection does so as well. I'm tempted to return to an Android tablet, but one thing hinders me from doing so: the 16:9 ratio.

My first tablet was the Motorola Xoom, and it was love at first sight. After growing sick of it though a few months later, I realized one of the problems for me was that is was so long in portrait mode.

Since I do quite a bit of reading on my tablet, I wanted it to be a comfortable experience and the Xoom made that difficult. When I finally broke down and purchased an iPad, I was relieved how much better using it was. It was no longer awkward to hold.

Honestly, after seeing the Nexus 10 and the hardware, my heart was torn. As much as I wanted to have it, I knew that we couldn't be together. It's 16:10 ratio is too much.

I really hope that one day we have more Android tablets that use the 4:3. I can even comfortably type in landscape on my ipad without splitting the keyboard. This was much harder on the Xoom.

At the same time, I did love watching movies on the Xoom. Yet, that single advantage isn't enough for me.

What about everyone else? Do you like 16:9, or would you rather Android had a 4:3 ratio option? Why or why not?