My Lumia 920 experience so far: Beautiful

I just bought the matte black Lumia 920 for $99 with the free wireless charging plate (being shipped to me) from my local AT&T and it is a glorious phone; very fast and the build is extremely solid. The size is a bit big but that's a trade-off, as the display is big and gorgeous as a result. I installed NetFlix and was able to stream a movie over my WiFi connection in less than 15 seconds. Very beautiful display.

In regards to weight it's heavier than my HTC Shift, but unless I was focusing on it I would not even think twice about it. Don't get it if you have problems with carrying anything heavier than a full can of soda, otherwise weight is a non-issue.

Overall, the size are not an issue for me but I do think it would feel a little easier to hold being 1/8 of an inch less in width. Trust me though, you won't care, this phone is worth it.

First thing I did was set up my enterprise Outlook account. Won't get into detail, it just worked quickly and simply.

The Nokia navigation apps are well built and very useful. The GPS app with voice turn by turn directions and big screen makes this seem like a real GPS, not a phone trying to be a GPS. A test run of it was great, no more need for my old Garmin. City View is also very cool. You've seen the demos, and yes, it is that cool.

I am still trying to get my music set up on it. I installed the Window's Phone sync tool on my Mac (after paying for an upgrade to Mountain Lion) but first of all, it was painfully slow and secondly, it said it was excluding DRM music, which is pretty much all of my iTunes songs. I then installed iTunes on my PC and I'm now downloading all my purchased songs from iTunes (all 2300+, yes, probably a small library compared to many). I have created a test playlist and it *appears* I can play my purchased iTunes music on 920. The 920 music app and sound quality is great, all I would expect. If this continues to work, I am thrilled.

I am not a camera expert so I can only say I snapped a few pics and quality seems really good. I like the physical button for the camera; it automatically jumps you into the camera app and makes it feel like a regular digital camera when you use it. If you are really into the camera quality aspect check other reviews, I can't speak to it well.

Overall, this is the best smart phone I have owned by far (prior phones - iPhone 3GS and HTC Shift, many older phones). Simple to use, bright, good battery life so far (charged it and made it through the day with juice let over, might be better than I think but too soon to tell), unbelievable functionality, solid build, and MS has made the OS the best there is. Live tiles rock and the social functionality is second to none.

I would say a 9 out of 10. Make it 1/8 of an inch less wide and it's a 10/10.