Good Bye Nokia, Good Bye Windows Phone (Update 4)

Update 4:

I finally decided to buy it before it goes out of stock like it did with Clove, there was +100 in the morning and only 10 when i bought it and at time of this update only 7 left, so...

£545.00 is a lot of money for a phone, let's hope i dont regret it...

it suddenly hit me that £545.00 is A LOT of money and i just emailed expansys to cancel my order. i will wait until it becomes available for around £450 which is still expensive, considering GS3 costs £390 and 920 isnt that much better of a phone.

Nexus 4, my other target is also out of stock, i will buy whichever becomes available first, if the 920 was cyan i would pay the £550 premium for it, but since white wasnt my first choice either i think i will regret it in a year or so.

so im gonna try to be patient and make the right decision when the time comes. i apologise to be whiny and frankly, quite annoying, but it was a successful post for me as i got tons of good feedback and help.

thank you all, i will update this post when i buy a phone. let's see what it's gonna be.



Well this has come to my attention Now:

I have phoned them up and confirmed it is completely unlocked. the only downside is that despite being £520 (vs £460 on EE) you will not get a charging plate and the only available colour is White.

I will buy it, overpriced, yes, but it seems like the only way but i will wait for a couple days to see if the price drop or if the Grey version becomes available.

Will keep you guys posted. hopefully with pictures.


The day i have been dreading has finally come. Today, after 2 weeks almost, Nokia Lumia 920 was in stock at all Phones4U shops in my town and after making journey down to one of them, in the rush hour, and after a brief moment of joy, when i was told it was in stock, they confirmed that even the sim free version, is only usable with EE, Orange & T-Mobile.

This really does it for me. up until November 2010, i have always had Nokia phones and after waiting for them to fix Symbian, watching them fail, i switched to Windows Phone with an HTC Mozart and I have been waiting for a good Nokia WP since the day they signed a deal with MS. The first Lumias were not good enough as they didnt offer anything extra to WP that I didnt have on my Mozart, I though 920 was it, and I still do. I think it's a great phone, I have saved up to buy it, I sold my Galaxy Nexus prior to 920's release and was just ready to buy it.

I watched every video, read every review, interview, looked at every picture, went down to phone shops almost every other day since Nov1st and the fact that I cant have it, unless I move to Orange/T-Mobile/EE, is just...

i think the following tweet sums it up perfectly:


For people who think im moaning over nothing, im not alone, same thing going on the p4u forum

and just to show you the extent of the issue, here is the frequencies that 3 Network run on:


and the supported frequencies according to Nokia UK website:


And supported networks according to Phone4U:


and to top it all off, it is being listed as "sim free" on the website, which means:

SIM-free means just that, you buy the phone of your choice without a SIM card in the package, free from any contract or commitment to a specific network. SIM-free phones come completely unlocked, letting you decide what SIM card to use in them. Most contract and pay-as-you-go SIMs will work in SIM-free handsets.

- Expansys

After all of this, they say NO! it only works on EE, Orange & T-Mobile, which can only be a deliberate software side lock from Nokia...

Update 2

For some reason i cant seem to let go, so i have been asking around on twitter and forums and two different developments:

I asked our own Vlad if he can try the 920 with a 3 sim, he said this:

I cant find his reply for some reason but he basically said that in his tests he used a 3 sim and didnt have any problems but he didnt know if the one Phones4U sell would be the same

and another response from another blogger, John McCann

and from WPcentral forums i asked people who bought is unlocked from phones4u and they said the phone would boot up and ask for an unlock code.