Joshua Topolsky, clumsiest 'reviewer' ever?

Is it me, or does Josh have a problem with handling devices?

He says, and has shown that he dropped the Nexus 4. Totally feasible. Josh also said he almost dropped the iPhone 5 when he first picked it up. This seems like a trend with him and his devices. Devices always 'almost slip out' of his hand or he flat out drops his phones and shatters them. (According to a previous VergeCast, he shattered his iPhone 4s, no?). I have owned several phones within the past couple of years, and haven't shattered one (iPhone 4, and Galaxy Nexus).

Just something i noticed with Josh. Im not trying to troll, flame or offend him in any way, its just something that has kind of become expected of him. And, every time i hear of such instance, its just makes me chuckle.

Anyhow, Love what you guys are doing with TheVerge. You all do a great job.Thanks for the awesome coverage.