MacBook Branding is Unkept.

I feel like the MacBook lineup is a little confused, or at least unkept. First, I don't really understand why the Retina MacBook Pros have a completely different body style than the non-retina MacBook Pros. Why not just sell all of them with the Retina MacBook Pro body style, but with the option to upgrade to a retina screen (for $500) if you'd like?

Also, since the MacBook Pros are almost as thin as the MacBook Air, does it really make sense to continue calling them the "air"? Why not just call it a MacBook, especially since it's now the lower end notebook computer?

I think that by doing those two things you would end up with a much cleaner product line. I feel that Tim Cook's lack of simplicity is the driver behind how messy it is, in comparison to how the product line used to be.