The Lumia 920 problems thread

I got the Lumia 920 yesterday, and it's great. Can't believe the video quality, just awesome. Still, I thought it might be good to have a thread that combines any issues that people have. [unfortunately, after about a week some issues have cropped up]

Minor issues so far:

- the 'vibrate' sounds kind of bad, not the solid hum that I was used to on my previous phone

- the charging connector doesn't feel too solid, it comes loose quite easily

- Added Nov 13: capacitive buttons stay lit pretty brightly during playing full screen video, reading in Kindle 'night mode' etc. It would be nice if they dimmed a lot more.

- charging seems kind of slow, not terrible, but not fast either. Charging with the screen on doesn't seem to do a whole lot. (EDIT: charging on USB was slow, charging on included charger seems OK - once I stopped playing with the phone)

- the nice aftermarket headset that I used with my iPhone doesn't work with the 920 (no volume control, mic doesn't seem to work. I do get sound though). Not Nokia's fault probably.

- auto screen brightness doesn't seem to maximize brightness outside in the sun. I have to manually set it to max brightness for decent visibility. (EDIT: may have been a one-time glitch, because today it turned eye-searingly bright on its own while out)

- Added Nov 15: gets really hot while watching youtube videos. This is with MetroTube, not sure if the app is to blame. Didn't notice this much heat when watching a video using the 'Music and Videos' app.

- Added Nov 15: Battery percentage seems miscalibrated. Today the level stayed at 100 percent for hours. That can't be right. Have seen others report this too.

- Added Nov 15: had a spontaneous reboot that subsequently got stuck at a black screen with the word 'Nokia' on it. Not a good sign. Hard reset fixed it (hold camera / power / vol down).

Anyone else have anything? "I can't lift it" doesn't count.

Edit: an extensive list of these and other Lumia 920 issues can be found on WPCentral in this post.