Apple Inc. spin off company?

Apple, Apple, Apple. What they do, they do extremely well. Their consumer electronic products are unrivalled in simplicity, engineering and innovation. Their designs are beautiful, practical and inspiring.

Steve Jobs left Apple and went on to create two highly successful businesses, NeXT and Pixar, but here's my question to you.

If Apple was to create a spin off company, who would it run it and what would they sell?

Home appliances? Cars? Clothing? Food chains? Water?

Up to you. Anything. What would you like to see them do?

<exaggeration> I'd personally like them to take over the world, and everything be designed by Apple... absolutely everything... although that's pretty much impossible </exaggeration>, the idea of them creating a spin off company would be interesting. It would be a way for them to avoid diluting their product range because it would be a completely different company, but the money would still end up in one big pot.