No more renting films for WP8? [Update]

I know we can't do this with Zune, but I figured we could do it with Xbox Video. I tried to download and install a 10 min preview film, and after syncing it gave me a "usage rights error". I have not tried to load an actual rented film. Is this feature removed for WP8? If so, that's a big bummer, I liked to rent some films for trips.


It appears this is not possible on WP8, total BS

From Microsoft Answers rep: "Windows Phone 8 does not currently support playback of rented or purchased content from the Xbox Video Store"

How is it possible, that WP8 has lost numerous features that WP7 had, Wireless Sync, Video Playback, Zune Sync, inferior mapping? Am I crazy to be keeping my 920? I now have to bring my Trophy along for a plane ride if I want to watch a film! I can't even connect to my universities wifi because lack of EAP-TTLS support, I want to love this platform...but MS is making it difficult.