Two days, two devices, and a playground of opportunity

Two days until Nov. 13....

The phone is a no-brainer. I do feel sorry for my conflicted neighbours to the south where LTE is both prominent and important due to the over-clogged HSPA bandwidths.... But anyone outside of America who knows even a little bit about smartphones knows the Nexus 4 is a home run.... at any price point... let alone $349 for 16GB. The thought of having that dock on both my desk and bedside table is very appealing.

But there's another player in town too.... a new form factor to the Nexus family...

The Nexus 10 offers exceptional pleasure for your retinas... especially for reading, which I suspect so many of us do everyday on-line. It's also a fairly powerful beast with the new A15 and 2GB RAM.... running pure 4.2 it will be lightning fast. If you prefer your gadgets to be metallic... than this may not be the device for you. But for those of us who prefer comfort, grip, and function over aesthetic... the Nexus 10 is a knockout. Again, at an exceptional price. Google knows what the people want in their products... they've just put themselves in a unique position with Android such that they're pigeon-holed with smartphones.

I've been tempted by a large number of Windows 8 devices, both ultrabooks and tablets, Pro and RT, ULV Ivy Bridge, Atom, and Arm processors. There is a shit ton of WIndows 8 devices out there.... and I expect to see half see a round 2 next year when Haswell comes out.

Until then, I'm quite happy with my Window 7 laptop, and the Nexus 10 will fill my need for a portable browser larger than my phone.



I'll be ordering first thing Tuesday morning, how about you?