TheVerge: The only website with great forums?

Until now I haven't seen any great forums, especially for tech, out there in the Internet except for that of TheVerge, and you can include Polygon in that matter. Here's why:

  • Posts have large headings, just like those in the main posts, and the reply system is like comments similar to the main posts
  • The layout is neat with no crap like advertisements
  • There are far less than 9001 different subforums, making it easy for people to post and find necessary information
  • Each comment does not have any silly stuff like individual user profiles - their name, their profile picture, their scores, their rankings, gadgets owned and what not.
  • Because of the previous point, comments are compact and the user does not have to click through pages and pages of comments.

So I'm wondering, since some may know better than me, what other site forums have these features that make them awesome?