Are we pushing the reasonable limits of mobile computing power?

So just saw something yesterday where Anandtech re-ran their benchmarks on the Nexus 4 in different conditions and in some cases saw huge gains from the original run. They are going to put all this in their final review but it appears at this time that there may be an overheating/throttling issue with the S4 Pro in the Nexus 4.

Here is Brian Klung's comment on the topic and a post on XDA which highlights the new benchmarks and massive improvement.

My question is have we reached a point where these CPUs/SOCs really shouldn't be in a mobile device? My Galaxy Nexus running Jellybean appears to be fast enough and my Galaxy S3 on ICS feels great. It's not like the devices we have today are laggy or have trouble keeping up with software and I understand that future software might take advantage of more powerful internals but is there a threshold?

I feel like when we reach a point where the CPUs inside our phones can overheat and need to throttle is when we've gone too far - I don't want to go back to aftermarket heatsinks and Artic Silver :)