Android tablet apps

A few weeks ago I noticed a surge in the Android tablet apps criticism. Of course the situation couldn't have become worse because apps don't disappear:-) So I guess that those criticism are renewed buy the fact that finally there is a worthy hardware choice and a good tablet interface. Android now deserve more tablet optimised love. Fine.

Several weeks ago I became my first android tablet, the excellent nexus 7. although it was the first time I had my own tablet I have interested myself a little with app design and user interface. And well I didn't found the situation with apps to be so sour as depicted... Of course I'm a kind of Android fan but I like to think I'm not that biased.

I must confess I've met some very horrible apps but it was when I looked at weird and old funcrionnalities : a .tif player, a windows live messenger client (I still know two people there:-) ). Skype wasn't very good too. But for my main usage I used excellent apps : all Google apps are awesome Currents, YouTube, Gmail, system pass... Games fit perfectly ( osmosHD Rayman, Another world, death trigger, open sea), adobe reader and MXplayer are decent.

I've been surprised by some apps too. Go download tasks, solid explorer and Pattrn!

I'm sue lots of third party apps like eBay, or brand apps are simply bad on Android tablets but hey I don't use them :-)

am I in denial or the only one in that situation?