Future of iOS Wish list

iTunes Radio

Ability to stream Movies and TV Shows via iCloud
Ability to record the screen and view recorded content in Videos app
Advanced camera settings for camera app (effects, timers...ect)
Photo app syncs Albums/Events via iCloud (Photo Stream dedicated with sharing only)
Video taken with Camera app goes to Video app instead of Photo app.
Movies, TV Shows, User Content and Music Videos have their own sections in Videos app

Easy Mark as Listen/Watched
Sync with iTunes on OS X via iCloud

Notes/Voice Memos
Ability to add photos to notes
Password-Protect certain notes
Voice Memos for iPad

Unified Search/Address
Easier, One handed navigation
1Password Integration

Offline Siri
Ask Siri to check where your friends iDevices are located (Find my Friends)
Ask Siri for language translations
Better conversions, calculations integration (non-Wolfram)

Group Chat (4 people)

Phone automatically switch to silent based on location settings
Devices detect when you're at home, or connected to your home Wi-Fi, and automatically turn off the passcode

Weather app for iPad

Stocks app for iPad

Automatically hide when no Magazines are downloaded

Ability to reply to text messages, without having to leave the currently opened application
Ability to copy text within a text message, rather then having to copy the whole message

Maps/Location apps
Combine Maps & Compass
Find my iPhone renamed to Find my iDevice
Bus routes and walking routes in Maps application

Home Screen
Live Icons for Weather and Clock
Ability to split iPad's screen to truly multitask
Ability to add more apps to a folder (Scroll-able folders)

Lock Screen
Weather Widget
Setting Toggles (Flashlight, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Airplay Mode)

Mission Control (Multitask Bar):
A "Kill All" button
Setting Toggles (Flashlight, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Airplay Mode)
Brightness slider for iPhone 5

Notification Bar
Add/Remove Widgets from Apps (ex. Flipboard quick-view or Facebook quick-view)

User Interface
Kill the fabric UI from Siri and Mission Control (Multitask Bar)
System-wide GUI based off of App Store (Black/Silver)
Mountain Lion Style Dock