Tweetro has fallen victim to Twitter's strict new API policies that were announced earlier this year. According to an email we received from Tweetro developers, the app saw a huge spike in downloads after the release of Windows 8, and rapidly reached its 100,000 user token limit. Users now receive a "cannot connect to service" error when trying to authenticate the application, and Tweetro developers say the app is "completely crippled" as a result.

Twitter originally said that developers would have until January or March of 2013 to comply with the platform's API changes, so Tweetro developers are questioning why their app has been cut off so early — especially when Twitter has yet to release its own official app for Windows 8. Tweetro has reached out to Twitter to discuss the future of their app, and says it may pull the app from the Windows 8 store and re-launch with a paid app if Twitter does not agree to loosen its policy. Twitter declined to comment on the situation.