The yarn and cardboard Google

On the eve of the next nexus launch I decided to reminisce about my current phone, the nexus s. And in doing so realized a gradual change in the marketing image of google. This is going to sound totally subjective, but i miss the old google branding style. Remember when the nexus s came out and they did that weird ad with the french song and people walking? And the chrome features ads where catapults would fire things into nets, and it was all made out of yarn and cardboard and old crap? The newer branding and android look is cleaner and better and more modern, but its not as charming and lacks some of the personality of the older stuff.

Introducing Nexus S from Google (via googlenexus)

Google Chrome Speed Tests (via googlechrome)

Chrome Features - New Tab (via googlechrome)

I miss the "yarn and cardboard google ads" they were weird and ridiculous, but they where very charming and distinctly Google.