WP8 Wallet Hub

A question for those of you with new Windows Phone 8 devices: are you using the Wallet Hub?

I'm in Canada and I have the Nokia Lumia 920. The Wallet Hub has very little use here. It displays the credit card that I use for purchases with my Microsoft Account and allows me to password protect the purchases of paid apps and media. It allows me to change the way I pay for these apps and media, via another credit card or PayPal. Nothing ever shows up in Local Deals.

What really sucks is that you can't use your phone for NFC secure payments. If there is any country to launch this in, it's in Canada. While most of the US is still swiping its credit cards, here in Canada, most credit transactions are completed via chip and pin (i.e. a lot more secure). Not only that, most point of sales terminals are NFC enabled: Tim Hortons, Shoppers Drug Mart, all Loblaws outlets, and almost all gas stations. That's about 95% of an average Canadian's expenses.

I'm not surprised it's not available in Canada but I was really hopeful. Here's to hoping the wait won't be that long.