Just got a new Windows 8 laptop at work.

So I briefly used the beta of W8 back about a year ago mainly because I was curious about what was upcoming. At the time I still had my HD7 and had a basic understanding of the metro interface through that. On a phone it works decently. So far on this new laptop I don't like it at all. It could be a solid OS but has some issues that don't come to light till you have to use it. I am sure most of them have been discussed here before but allow me to list a couple.

1. Having the "modern" side and the "classic" side is an epic pain in the ass. Maybe there is a way to go full classic but so far it has been a struggle to figure it out. Some of the core apps open in modern and some open in classic. It sucks.

2. It took way too long to figure out simple system settings when I set this thing up. It took about 20 minutes to figure out where the network date and time settings were. Since you can make changes under classic and modern, but they don't give the same options, it was a pain.

3. Having my printer in "devices" is crazy. I shouldn't have to do a Google search to figure out how to print a PDF.

4. Along the same lines, too much stuff is hidden with no indications on where to find it. If you pull up a document in a modern app all you get is the document, nothing else is there.

5. I almost lost it till I figured out you could turn off the swiping gestures. Simple taps (normal touching of the trackpad during use) would send me to a different app. It was probably the most frustrating 30 minutes of computer use I have ever had.

I know that the diehards/fanboys have an explanation or excuse for why things are much better under W8. That's great. Unfortunately it isn't going to help average users figure out how to do the basics that they are already comfortable with. I feel for all the IT staff out there that are going to deal with this nightmare. Buckle up. If you think your users ask dumb questions now you are in for a treat.

After a weeks worth of use it seems obvious that Microsoft had an all or nothing decision in front of them and chose something in the middle. I like the classic and modern interfaces. I don't like them at the same time. It has slowed down my work flow tremendously. The simple things take much longer to accomplish than they did before