Apple Stores. Insanity.

My daughters Macbook wont recharge. Inside there's some connection that must be loose underneath the circuit board. I can take of the back and wiggle things a bit, tighten screws that hold the magsafe connector in place and it works again. For a while. Then if fails again. I can't fix it without taking the whole thing apart and I'm not willing to risk destroying the machine to do that.

So... Off to the Apple Store on a Sunday morning to get them to fix it.
The place is an insane asylum. People everywhere. Packed and noisy. All fiddling with iPads and iPod Touches.
Why so many people? How may Apple products do you need to buy in a given year? Is this some Thing to Do on a Sunday morning? Go fiddle with iPads in the Blessed walls of the Apple Store. Some consumerist substitute for Church.

So the doorman.... The place has a doorman ...asks me my business. I need this laptop fixed.
"Do you have an appointment?". He moves us to a display iMac to make an appointment online.
That completely throws me aback. I just want to drop it off. I actually don't want some long session with a Genius. I have completely misjudged the nature of this place. And I quickly back out. "Ahh, no that's fine. Ahh. Okay I'll do it at home". The noise and chaos is starting to freak me a bit.

So I walked out with the Macbook under my arm and will be dropping it off with Some Guy who fixes laptops today. Probably cheaper anyway.

No real point to this. I'm not even knocking Apple or it's products really.