In light of a lacking lineup I caved...

and bought a Samsung Galaxy Nexus on Ebay. Been running an Incredible 2 for a year and was hoping for Verizon to get the N4 or something not too tarnished by Big Red. My plan is to sell my Dinc2, root my Gnex, and hold out until VZW gets a good phone - at least one I like. I'm not too big of a fan of the Gnex's body (my wife has one), but the dev support at XDA is great, easy to root, and it's fast. I have a couple questions for you fellow Verge members with a Gnex (I should note I live in an area where Vzw and US Celluar are the only 2 carriers. I want to buy out of contract in case we move to a more urban area):

1. What rom are you running and why? I'm looking at Liquidsmooth as it seems to have great features and support.

2. I know battery life isn't great. What do you do to get the most out of your battery? Extended battery, any specific kernels, undervolt settings or governors?

I could ask at XDA but want to see what you guys are doing. Now I'm just hoping the phone is as good of condition as the seller stated it is - luckily is has a 30 money-back warranty.

Lastly, what will it take for a phone to be your next after the Gnex?