Is it (sadly) time to just say it: Surface RT is a lemon.

Like Window Me lemon (and I used Me for like three years). RROD lemon. New Coke lemon.

Caveats: owned/managed macs for over a decade (but bailed around the OSX rollout fiasco -- as a graphic designer the Quark situation was untenable for years, so it was nothing less), been a Windows daily user for over 15 now (I love Win7 -- it may end up being the last great OS that allowed people to actually do and make things with a computer). Have original iPad, Xoom, N7 and new Surface. Currently, it's in the other room charging -- going from a 50% charge to full dead after me not touching it for 4 days (my iPad has been stowed since the N7 launch; I heard a notification sound and figured I should power it down since it's probably getting retire - had a 60% charge after being idle for weeks). Nothing is working. Everything stutters and hangs trying to operate it while on the power cord. Can I force quit RT apps? Can it be used while charging? Who knows? Why should I even have to ask these questions? Took days to sort out why Sky Drive wasn't syncing. Oh, you mean search in an entirely different area to find updates that aren't automatic notifications, like I get from Win7, iOS and Android? Great.

I love the industrial design. I love the keyboard. IE is great when the device itself is being responsive. But that doesn't make it a joy to use (if anything it's doubly frustrating because SOFTWARE CAN BE FIXED). I want this to work so badly I am not even going to return it because I don't want to depress sales numbers. But if I can't find a single positive user experience this week, I am not looking back: Nexus 10 here I come. I will live without Word and PPT in a smaller form factor and wait to see if there's a decent ultrabook on the horizon. This really really sucks to say it, but the Surface RT is facing a dark, dark road.