I genuinely feel sorry for RIM

Now I'm an iPhone user but hearing about the way RIM is going at the moment is really sad. My first smartphone was a Blackberry Curve 8520 and while it had its faults, it served me well for the 2 years of my contract. I switched to an iPhone based on the fact Blackberrys never really changed that much and the Blackberry I'd have wanted, the Bold 9900 was way too expensive for what it was.

Nevertheless, I'm trying to be positive for Blackberry 10. While I'm doubtful it can save RIM, I truly hope it proves to be successful for them. There are some great features in BB10 that no other OS has implemented, so that's a positive.

I'll look forward to seeing the new devices when they're released and maybe, just maybe it could lead to me switching back to a Blackberry, who knows.

I'll look forward to your comments below.