I want Bing maps/navigation back!

I remember using Bing navigation back on Windows mobile. It actually worked quite well. Then came WP7.5. We seen it return, but crippled by the need to tap to get voice prompts. Even with this limitation, on my Lumia 900, it gave me far more reliable and efficient directions then Nokia Drive. I realize that this is regional (I'm in Connecticut) but having been able to compare Bing against Nokia Drive, I found that Nokia failed to give me efficient routs, and sometimes couldn't even find the location I wanted to go to. Bing succeeded every time. Now that I have a Lumia 920, I no longer have the Bing option. The Nokia drive interface doesn't have the list of upcoming turns at the bottom like Bing. I guess my complaint is that Microsoft remove my ability to choose between the two and use what is best for my location and preferences. I'm hugely disappointed.