Microsoft's first Surface Ad is doing its job

So on Saturday I went to my favorite sushi place/bar (I have friends who work there) and I brought my surface (free wifi) with me (cyan touch cover). I'm doing stuff on it at the bar and some college girls (I live in Raleigh so either NC State or Meredith girls) walk by and I overhear them saying "Is that the clicky thing? No, it can't be." and then one of them asks me if it's the clicky thing from Microsoft and I say yes it is, a Microsoft Surface, and she's says to her friend: "See, I told you, it's pretty cool looking." I had some of my friends who work there look at it and said it's pretty cool looking and such. Now of course this is just a small sample size but it does represent what Microsoft was trying to pull off and associating the "click in" motto with Surface. So kudos to them on that aspect. They still have more work to do of course but it's a good sign. Oh and I brought it with me (to the place) because my friend lives across the street and I was waiting for him, just to answer someone who would potentially ask me why I would have it with me there.