Vergecraft Realms: Sign the Petition to Allow Single Member Factions to Claim Land

Vergecraft Realms has been operating for a few months now. The initial parameters were that a faction had to have 5 members to claim land, and that was reduced to 3 members. This is a petition to allow single member factions claim land. Vergecraft Realms is huge and it seems as if the number of players and the factions they have joined have leveled out. Many factions are, in fact, no accepting any new members. This, in effect, tips the balance of power towards those groups of online friends that have decided to close their membership to new players of Vergecraft, for whatever reason. The amount of land available seems like it would easily support single member factions being able to claim land and protect that land, to some extent, from being seized and their creations being griefed. It would also make new factions more accessible and attractive to other members wishing to join based on the locations of land claimed, resources available, etc.

Please comment on this thread, yeah or neigh, if you support this idea.