Just tried Google's App on my ipad/iphone.. makes Siri look like a joke

Siri needs serious work. I have a iphone 4s and ipad 3rd gen.. never used Siri because I never found it very useful. For those that don't know, Google updated their search app with voice detection and it is amazing


1) extremely accurate voice recognition.

Examples- Correctly transcribed the question: Who wrote the book too late the Palarope, how do you spell androgyny

Siri gets about 30% of my questions correct

2) FAST!

If you ask google a question, it searches the web. If you ask siri a question, she asks if you want to search the web. Why wouldn't I want to search the web? This step adds a long wait to siri's search time

3) Answers built into the search app. When seiti searches the web, it has to open safari

Anything about Siri that annoys you? I think they have to remedy the web search thing .. google really embarasses them when you compare the two side by side