Thoughts on the iPad mini

I know it's quite late, but I've got some things that I found out while using the iPad mini in real life. The build quality, sound quality, camera, performance is great, but there are some things I didn't really like (or you can view this as an article debunking some of the things said). So hear me out:

Size of the device - I think many sites exaggerated the size of the iPad mini. They mentioned that it was very difficult to hold in one hand. I have to disagree with this. It does't require you to stretch your hand really wide in order to grip it. The Nexus 7 definitely feels more comfortable but the mini is nothing difficult to hold.

Screen resolution - Joshua Topolsky mentioned that the screen, albeit low res, is rather sharper than that of the iPad 2 and is overall good. I still think it's terrible, by today’s standards. Apple likes to compare this to a mini iPad, and the misconception here is that people think the comparison is with the iPad 3 or 4. In fact it should be with the iPad 2. Even so, the screen doesn't feel any better. The pixel density is bumped from 132 to 163 ppi, but it still look horrible.

UI size - Let me be clear; I’m an Apple fan, and while I think that Apple knows how to make good products, something’s amiss with this one. Shrinking the 9.7” iPad screen creates some problems. What you get are diminutive buttons, actually comparable to those on the iPhone. Now it’s merely a larger iPhone with the same-size buttons. It doesn’t work because it's going to be very difficult to press the buttons properly.

Apps - some apps also face some compromises. The Paper app, for instance, has been mentioned in the review to not be very useful in the smaller screen. You really have to see the iPad mini in real life just to comprehend how inappropriate the app is for the 7.9" screen. By shrinking down the screen size some apps really do become more difficult to use. I think the The iPad mini should have an improved interface and UI requirements that is catered to its own special screen size. But that would cause the developers a lot of inconvenience. This, then is a compromise that cannot be solved, at least for now.

tl;dr Bottom line is - don't completely rely on reviews online. How good a device is boils down to personal preferences. Try the iPad mini for yourself to find out whether you like it.

What do you think about this? What else have you discovered after playing around with the iPad mini? If you disagree with some of my points feel free to comment about them.