WP8 and notifications

This post is a follow up to this

Now that WP8 is out in our hands, we know that there is no notification center in WP8. I bought the beautiful 920 and in general love it except for few problems and one amongst them is notifications.

The good news is, yes, there are some notification improvements and I generally like it. But the bad news is that notifications are still delayed, inconsistent and sometimes never arrives.

Let's take the Facebook app. The notifications have never been quick with Facebook on WP. Ever. I've an ancient blackberry next to my shining new 920 both connected to same WiFi and Blackberry is getting FB notifications almost instantly and 920 is yet to get the one before 30 mins. If I open the app and refresh it, it shows up there but no good with notifications. I've setup email notifications from Facebook just because of this in WP7 and it is no improvement in WP8. The lock screen notification doesn't serve a purpose if I'm getting my notifications in email before app.

Next example are twitter apps and in this case Rowi. It's loads better compared to Facebook but still I get text notifications(from Twitter) before push notifications arrive and I had to turn text notifications on just because of poor notifications in WP.

Same with CNN, Sportsmobile, ESPN, Bloomberg and many other apps where Blackberry(which is ridiculed by almost everyone) gets notifications quicker than WP every single time. This pisses off me to no extent.

I've seen only one niche app(Premier Leagues +) where notifications work consistently and are generally fast but almost every other app has problem with notifications.

I'm generally okay with lack of notification center(which might be arriving in next update as per MS ) but inconsistent notifications are a bad sign for a modern smartphone platform which in itself is trying to establish itself. Hopefully MS is aware and improve this as it all happens server side and nothing much has to be done from the OS itself which would have complicated things for them.

End of rant.