Word Moratorium

I hereby declare the following phrases completely worn out and almost humorous in the same vein as things like "leveraging turnkey solutions". Please use them sparingly, if at all.

1. "Perfect Storm" (If I hear this again I'm going to snap. After almost a decade in the media lexicon It has lost all poetic effect. Move on.)

2. "Halo Product" (The angel that goes at the top of a Christmas tree is a "halo product". That's pretty much it.)

3. "Design Language" (Really? Could a phrase get any more PR-sounding? What was wrong with "styling"?)

4. "User Experience" (It sounds like a psychedelic band that should be preceded by someone's name. "The Craig T. Nelson User Experience")

5. "Trolling" (Only to be used if you're specifically talking about a malicious effort to get someone's goat in an online forum. Otherwise you're "agitating", or "instigating", or "provoking", or "fomenting", or the ever-popular "jerking around".)

(Please note that this post is mostly tongue-in-cheek and less than 10% meat by-products. There was some web site where they had a ton of these listed. Can't remember the name though.)