Wondering if windows phone has these before taking the plunge

Just a few things I would like to know first. I rely pretty heavily on 3G watchdog to know how much data I have left for the month, and JuiceDefender to keep my data use to a minimum when I'm not using my phone(turns data off when the phone screen is off, running wifi only, allowing updates every 15 minutes or so for example). Are there equivalent apps in windows yet?

And how easy is it to see how much power is being used for each process? Now i can use an app to see a list of programs in order of battery power being consumed. It's pretty useful when weeding out what's draining my battery. And then there's functionality that I'm assuming is the same, like force stopping running apps.

One other app i use pretty commonly that I fear I would be missing is airdroid, which lets me connect my phone and a computer over wifi using the airdroid website. I transfer files that way because it's just really easy and I don't have to go grab my usb cable, or I could be out somewhere without a cable. I find this much easier than setting up FTP with a computer, though I would never use this for rather large files. It also lets me do a number of other things like access all my photos, anything saved on my phone, contacts, basically see everything on my phone. I can also write and receive text messages this way as well, with my phone basically forwarding it to my computers web browser.

Are there windows phone equivalents to these?