So... when will Sony and Lenovo release their Chromebook?

"Acer is reportedly set to launch a second-generation Chromebook in mid-October and hopes the device will be able to replace its netbook product line which is expected to be phased out of the market soon, according to sources from the upstream supply chain."

Digitimes was right about this one (date was wrong but hey, it's about right)

"In addition to Samsung and Acer, Lenovo is also reportedly developing second-generation Chromebook products."

Samsung has released a new Chromebook (better than the Acer IMHO), so when will Lenovo do their trick? I believe it's before Christmas.

And then there is the Sony Vaio Chromebook, first spotted in March.





So... when will they do their trick?

With nice pricing and good ads this will be a succes in my opinion.