Could apple tv become a potent gaming console?

When I think about how ios has become a gaming powerhouse, I wonder what would happen if apple opened up the sdk for the apple tv. I know since the ipad 2 you can mirror what's on the ipad, but a more focused solution might open up the market, like smartphones have.

Also the accessory market, made for apple tv, could be very viable, joypads, gaming wheels, flight sticks, headsets with mic's, on top of using ios devices for controllers. I think apps should be made especially for apple tv, with an aspect ratio that matches most current tv's. Gaming devs are used to working with hi-dpi displays on ios and as apple tv is based on ios, maybe a port wouldn't be such a chore.

If apple spec'd this right, 64gb, new ipad soc and ram, lightning connector, which is more versatile than hdmi, maybe throw in a lightning to hdmi lead, so most are ready to roll, out of the box. Plus priced it competitively, used the audio engine of facetime for in game chat, imessage for sending texts, rolled into a beefed up game center, allowed 3rd party online services. Get valve to work on steam and ea's origin for apple tv, could be implemented like netflix and used for bigger titles like skyrim, cod and bf3, if that's possible on the a6x.

Even maybe think of snapping up onlive, there is still a ton of potential in that service. My final thoughts are I see apple tv, has the potential to be a more holistic part of apples massive ecosystem than it is now, especially for gaming. Maybe have two versions, a cheaper one like its current form and one more tailored for gaming with extra oomph. What do the gamers of the apple core think?

yay or nay?