Is Windows 8 , Microsoft's answer to Chrome OS ?

Disclaimer : The writer of this post understands market share of both OSs , the article sheds light upon how precise WIndows 8 features was in killing every advantage a theory of a good OS had on it.

the fact that some of you managed to deduct the difference in Market share and thought that i wasn't aware of it is dauntingly funny.


I Just realized this , all of Chrome OS key features are to some degree being served in Windows 8 or targeted perhaps, no one knows.

* Light memory footprint and faster performance

* Ability to run on limited hardware.

* Fast booting times even on somehow old hardware.

* Internet based (to some degree).

* easy to use. (Though Modern UI could be seen as harder to use for some but I feel it'll fare better than PARC once it's been polished.)

* Cloud integrated + office suit that uses it.

* Universal search, kind of like MS's answer to Google search but much more effective.

* Cheap OS , granted not as cheap as Chrome but it's certainly a small gap now.

* Integrates with many of MS's products (Xbox,WP,Skype) better than Chrome does with Android ( I don't know if i'm wrong on this , i haven't seen example otherwise, nobody would think of buying an Android to fit with his Chrome OS i think.)

* all of the above while maintaining legacy apps and a great drivers support .

If my theory is valid , Do you think they managed to kill Chrome OS ( The theory not the actual OS market share) , or is it still relevant?

What is Google Chrome OS? (via googlechrome)