Surfce thoughts

I just got my surface (using it now) and I'm absolutely loving it. I did my updates after reading some post prior to purchase and after that, I've had little to no lag issues. The only time I get stutter is if I get about 8 apps running at once. But it's just an occasional stutter when swapping between apps. I also have not had any issues with video lagging which I had read about and experienced in the store but my unit has run 720p perfectly even with 5/6 apps opened. My only complaint is the speakers on it aren't loud enough. I had hoped to watch movies on it in bed with my wife but unless we use ear buds and use one each, lol, it's not really feasible as the sound is too quiet. I've only run a couple of games but they ran pretty much flawlessly. The touchpad keyboard takes a little getting used to. I can accurately hit the letters but I'm still a little clumsy with the tab/shift/delete keys. I'm sure i'll adjust. My typing speed seems to have only suffered about 15wpm but I type around 80 normally so it's not exactly dire. All in all, it's been excellent. Also, the office apps have been running perfectly for me (I did the updates first thing) So those having issues may have had a failed update or something. Sadly, this unit isn't mine as it's going to be for my wife's mother as a laptop replacement. I'm really looking forward to getting one for myself for college in the next month or so. This has been my impressions for it on day one. If anything changes I'll update. Hope this helps/reinforces what's already been stated. ps looking forward to getting my htc 8x from Verizon this thurs!