Whats with all this apple doom and gloom?

I Just opened up flipbaord and was reading whatever articles that are in the feed. Half the stuff I'm seeing are posts about some old apple worker talking about how Forstall being fired will ultimately lead to apples demise. If i had a penny for every time someone predicted the end of apple. I then went on to read articles about the apple stock plummeting, and the ipad mini being proof that apple is surrendering to competition, and tim's apology about maps wasn't the move apple should have made.

I think half of the stuff is bullshit. A few months ago when i opened flipbaord all i saw was articles talking about how if apple doesn't innovate on it's software it's going to fail, and that Scott wasn't doing his job. Now he's leaving, and it's the opposite. I just don't understand where some of these bloggers get the balls. Theres nothing more clear than the consumers choice. Only the consumers choice can determine apples failure. So these blogs always fail to write about the facts. The facts are apple products are selling like hot cakes, and until they stop you could never predict apple slowing up.

Now, I will admit, i really liked Scott. I liked his style. You could clearly see how he was influenced by Steve. But if he was holding back IOS than how could this be a bad thing? Everyone and their mother including the verge team has said apple isn't delivering on the software end. Could they have worked something out with Scott? Well I guess they couldn't. These executives have been with the company for so long. Steve left Jony with most of the control at apple. That can't be a bad thing. I think Jony has a clear vision of the future. He's a world class designer, and a visionary.

So what do you guys think about all these predictions? What would you like to see apple do in the future? Do you think Tim should have wrote that public apology?