Well, Google ruined the launch in Australia.

Google Play's store said that the N4 would be available to purchase on the 13th of November. I signed up to the notification email to get any further details on the release.

I was up at midnight awaiting the "Add to cart" button, but nothing appeared. I read that it may go up early morning, or at 7pm (Melbourne time to co-incide with PST). I checked the site at 9am, nothing available. I checked the site at 11am, nothing available. I checked the site at 2, saw that the 8GB was available to buy, but not the 16GB. I thought that maybe they were waiting till 7PM to release the 16GB.

It's now 4:30 pm and apparently, according to Gizmodo Australia, they sold out of the 16GB with out even notifying anyone what time they would be released, or even now, that they are sold out.

This phone is my first foray into the world of Android, and the only reason I was contemplating the change was because I was under the impression that Google had picked up their game.

Understandably, this is a emotionally filled post, as I'm angry for investing so much time waiting for this phone, and checking the site, wallet open, prepared to buy one. All I want to do is give Google my money, yet they can't even make that happen.

Hopefully Gizmodo are wrong and I may able to be able to buy a N4 tonight, but if not, this really is poor of Google, and representative of their inability to handle simple product launches.