Confirmation Bias : Microsoft and Nokia biggest problem

Does the Verge tailor its articles and tone to its readership to confirm their predispositions and bias? If the majority of people who read the Verge are Apple consumers then I can see the logic in them tailoring their message to the audience in the way Fox, MSN etc tailor their output to their viewers.

Those who read Daring Fireball will know that Gruber is an unabashed Apple evangelist and will provide his commentary and critique through the lens of an Apple follower which confirms and reinforces their beliefs of Apple.

Now it seems to have become a belief held by many that Windows is junk, Nokia products are poor and this prevailing opinion backed by media outlets, supposed empirical evidence but not hard facts begins to influence the opinions of consumers. So the consumers are bombarded by these negative opinions which are amplified and reinforced by confirmation bias to the point that consumers derive decisions based less and less on rational decision making.

So appealing to them rationally of the merits of your products is a wasted effort because they have already made their mind through confirmation bias and will filter out aspects which do not confirm their bias - for example the general lower price of Nokia / Windows Phone by saying that its for "poorer people" and then amplify aspects such as the weight of a device or the large screen size.

So what can Microsoft and Nokia do to break down this confirmation bias? Producing higher spec phones it seems will not do.