I've owned too many tablets over the last three years, and not a single one has had cellular connectivity. I've always bought the Wi-Fi model because I don't want to pay for extra data, I don't want to be beholden to yet another data plan or contract, and don't I already have this great phone in my pocket that can do all the things my tablet does? And that will tether to my tablet if I really need it?

So when I started playing with the Nexus 7 with mobile data (which I'll call the Nexus 7 Mobile), I wasn't particularly excited. I bought a Nexus 7 when it first came out (I don't think the store was even supposed to sell me one yet), and I like the tablet a lot. The Nexus 7 Mobile changes nothing about the device except to add a SIM card slot, which is unlocked for any GSM network (though Google sells the device with AT&T or T-Mobile SIMs).

But after a few days of using it, I'm furiously looking for ways to unload my Nexus 7 so I can buy the Mobile version. Here's why.