Unusual headphone choices

I've gone through many headphones through my adult life. Started with those wire and foam headphones you get free with a your Walkman. Then I moved up to the Koss over the ear headphones, then I stopped for a while. Anyway I bought a pair of Beats like 2 years ago. They were some nice phones, and I'll keep it short. One of the main reasons why they were nice is I didn't have to buy a amp with an equalizer to get the sound I wanted in the phones. I think most people miss this point in reviews on headphones. Anyway those broke because that's what things do around me lately and i was in the market for some new phones.

Did my usual web-seach and happen upon these Phillips Uptown 81vinhz4uxl

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I was like wow, and started to save up some money to see what they were like.

Then I went to work and found I couldn't deal with these cheap ear buds any longer


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These are by marc ecko the sound was good the fit was good. The metal casing on the other hand kept coming apart. I could fix them I just didn't feel like it at the time. so I walked into my best buy looking to find a nice over the ear set. I listen to the popular sets, Sennheiser, bose, beats, sckull candy and alike and I just felt they were lacking, in look, or in how they sounded(BTW I don't care for a balance sound, because like I mention above I don't want to have to equalize and amp my portable headphones just for them to sound they way I want it to). Anyway then I happened upon these.


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these are called Aiaiai Studio headphones.

These sounded great but they were $300 that's a no go. These phones were in the Music section of bestbuy, where they sell guitars and equipment, so they may not be at your local best buy. Anyway, I saw the ones below, and was like hmm.


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Kinda like the retro look, and the sales person let me listen to them in the store. The sounded great. So I bought them.

Looking around the net I couldn't find a single decent review for all the headphones I listed above, I wonder if anyone else has some non traditional they would like to discuss.

Btw I bought the Phillps too, and they are amazing, I'm having a hard time choosing which to wear. These Phillps though are hands down the most comfortable headphones i've ever worn in my life. I feel like I have a pair of Jordan's on my ears.