i am done trying to get a yellow lumia 920. not worth the aggravation

nokia and at and t can go to hell. seriously.

after showing off cyan and yellow to people through various ads and tech reports, nokia is unable to provide enough stock of these two most popular colors. online orders remain pending.

so i go to a bunch of at and t stores to try the red yet all they got is black. the ugly boring stupid black. the store managers had opened all the boxes to check for a colored lumia to no avail.

worst launch ever i swear. i am done with this. not worth my time and certainly not worth the blood pressure elevation.

nokia lacks the resources to provide at and t with colored phones. i wont blame at and t for not promoting the phone heavily. why advertise color when all u can make is black is beyond me. i am baffled by this. at this point, i just want the nokia stock to go up to at least the point at which i purchased it so that i can sell. inept company with nothing besides good engineers and good designers. all other depts in that company are inept.

so here is the truth that nokia is hiding: there are not enough cyan and yellow lumias around. they make it seem like it's this special online promotion. but it is not. the truth is: the yellow and cyan are simply hard to come by. shame on nokia.