Where is Samsung's answer to the thriving 7.0" tablet market?

Its clear that this formfactor is very attractive to low budget and portability favoring consumers, I am one myself. Samsung is no stranger to this 7-8" tablet spec, having released two well designed products earlier this year, Galaxy Tab 7.0 and 7.7. They definitely failed to take off as the Android tablet ecosystem was still in it's infancy in these pre-Nexus 7 launches. However the game is completely different now, especially with Apple recently unveiling the mini, and Asus revealing their staggering monthly sales numbers for the Nexus 7.

Right now for the high end Samsung has the Nexus 10, Note 10.1, and the phone-tablet lovechild Galaxy Note 2, which are all really aimed at the $400+ buyers. Knowing Samsung's competitive nature, they are definitely not going to leave a gap like this in their product-line for very long, especially when it carries the opportunity to compete directly with a new Apple product. I am still holding back on my next tablet purchase to see what they might offer. Right now I am leaning towards the iPad mini, as It's been quite a while since I wandered into Apple's ecosystem, and I simply love their displays.

Although Samsung will surely try to respond directly to the iPad mini, I think a 7" device from them could be even more threatening for the Nexus 7. For one, Samsung is rapidly improving their display technologies as seen in the Nexus 10 and Galaxy Note 7. Secondly, they have their very competitive SoCs and compute parts manufactured in-house, creating a huge supply costs advantage for them, in what is a price critical product space. The circumstances just seem too perfect for Samsung to not act on the opportunity, and I hope they will.

For discussion, are you buying a 7" tab soon / this holiday season, and if so would you wait for Samsung to respond, or just make a decision on whats available?