Lumia 920/HTC 8X Availability/Order Thread Updated 24th Nov' 12

Hi guys, not sure if this has already been done so thought i'd get one started.

Please post here about your Lumia 920/HTC 8X Order/Availability status.

say the date you bought/ordered, expected delivery etc and place. I want to figure out if there are shortages everywhere in particular countries, or just in stores or what.

I'll get started.

Lumia 920 (red) ordered from phones 4 u over the phone in UK on 9th Nov.. Expected shipment, 23rd Nov =( (arrived 14th Nov! ^^)




AT&T: Current situation (22nd Nov)

New stock seems to be arriving at AT&T stores so availability is improving. But many stores still have stock-outs

Reader stories:

Waded - Boise, Idaho - Cyan L920, Red L920 ordered 11th Nov (order processing/stock pending time 3-5 days)

All 30 L920s sold out at store - Red L920 arrived 20th November, Cyan L920 arrived 21st November

Johann S - Red L920 ordered 11th Nov, currently expecting it to arrive 21st-23rd Nov (actually arrived 16th November)

Set7Set - Cyan L920 ordered 11th Nov, still says 'processing' after 3 days, (unknown status)

Desertsessions - Ordered on 7th Nov, delivery on 9th Nov (delivered to Virginia from Fort Worth, TX)


AT&T Online - Current status (22nd Nov) - White/Black/Red in stock Red/Yellow 7-14 business day backordered


Amazon Wireless

L920 yellow - NO LONGER LISTED

L920 white - 1-2 weeks (was fully available 1 week ago)


L920 black - 1-2 weeks (was fully available 1 week ago)


Verizon - 8X - Kvetcha waiting on his with a pre-order. Shipping date is 27th Nov for new orders

Pusherrobot walked into a Verizon store and purchased it directly easily (15th Nov), however says it appears there was little stock at the store.

Walmart: 22nd Nov 2012


looks like walmart is having severe stocking delays too.


UK Phones 4u: Black L920 shipping for 27/11

Red L920 Available

White L920 Available

Yellow shipping for 27th Nov - 13th Nov - Initial batch of white L920s sold out, no other colours available

22nd November - Unknown amount of White/Black/Red Stock available for shipping on 5th December - I'm going to guess it is 300 phones (phones are sold wholesale at 100 a batch). £520 - Completely unlocked


Ridiculously overpriced 100 White L920 available on for £555 (13/11/12) (UPDATE: sold out within 24 hours, unknown when new stock expected.

Three - HTC 8X now has a really good offer on at three, if you get the phone, you also get Windows 8 pro for 'free'.


Telstra - Currently sold out, new stock expected 27th Nov



awaiting info ( i checked website, i couldn't get any indication of availability)

Rest of the World


Nokia India - Looks like L920 launch is delayed till after December, makes sense if either A) Nokia don't have enough phones in biggest markets and B) localised beauracracy

Translated italian news source:

Mediaworld, in fact, had given the availability of the Nokia Lumia 920 for November 12. In the warehouses, however, stocks never arrived. An employee of the chain electronic assumed that the phones intended for them had been hijacked for Nstore (in sold-out for some time) and the American market.

looks like italy are suffering shortfalls (16/11).. Italy is actually the biggest WP market in Europe at present, so is rather significant. if WP succeeds, it will succeed in Italy first (finland doesn't count lol)

Italy continuing to suffer from stock issues: 24th November


Germany Sells Out (17th Nov, 2012)


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