not quite buyers remorse, but...

First, let me say I am very glad I got to get an order through for an N4, sounds like a lot of people got shafted. Once I saw that number on my receipt though, that big glaring $392.65 after tax, I realized I had just spend almost 400 dollars on a seriously compromised piece of hardware. It may be a tired argument, but it just hit me for the first time. LTE may have been nice, but I just spent HOW much money on a 16GB phone? It's not like we're living in the 90's anymore, storage space is affordable.

Look, it's off contract so I can flip it and buy something else (probably at a profit) if I really wanted to, but I know I'm gonna use this thing to death, and I'm going to love it. I also say hardware because the software is really why you buy a Nexus device. That's why we're all compromising, because stock android is above and beyond anything else out there right now. iOS hasn't changed in years, and just the sight of an android skin makes me cringe. Then if you consider that I already spent only 200 on my N7 (which rules), then they average to 300 each, not bad... if we can ignore the fact that I'm broke.

Anyone else suddenly realize how flawed this hardware is?